Commit 551a33bf authored by decentral1se's avatar decentral1se

Add bitlbee role

Signed-off-by: decentral1se's avatarLuke Murphy <>
parent 6d78e07b
# znc
A role to install and configure [bitlbee].
# Supported Operating Systems
* Raspbian Stretch Lite 2018-10-09
* Debian Stretch
# Role Variables
* `bitlbee_system_user`: User account for bitlbee.
author: decentral1se
description: A role to install and configure bitlbee.
license: GPLv3
min_ansible_version: 2.7
- name: Ensure mandatory variables are configured.
that: "{{ item }} is defined"
- bitlbee_system_user
- name: Install Bitlbee.
name: bitlbee
state: present
- name: Add a new bitlbee user.
become: true
name: "{{ bitlbee_system_user }}"
system: true
- name: Create Bitlbee user root directory.
become: true
become_user: "{{ bitlbee_system_user }}"
path: "/home/{{ bitlbee_system_user }}"
state: directory
owner: "{{ bitlbee_system_user }}"
group: "{{ bitlbee_system_user }}"
mode: 0750
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