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title: "Now"
html-canonical-url: "now/"
introduction: "Instead of writing blog posts about minor updates in life, I’m dedicating a space here to writing about the things I’d tell friends and family were going on if I hadn’t seen them for a while."
date-last-update: "Sat, 26 February 2022"
date-last-update: "Sun, 01 May 2022"
permalink: now/
## Doing/Thinking
* Thinking about what's happening in Ukraine
* Trying to find a good coffee subscription to join this year
* Day dreaming about being in the beach
* Ordering more coffee from Hasbean
* Trying to sharpen my skills on top down communication
* Planning our summer break
## What podcasts am I currently listening to?
* Mostly [This American Life]( as usual.
* As usual also keeping up with [Working Class History](
* Also started to listen to [The Trojan Horse Affair](
* Ocassionally trying to also fit in [Radiolab]( there's always something interesting!
## Any tracks on a loop?
* [Ismaël Lô - Tajabone](
......@@ -28,4 +28,6 @@ permalink: now/
* [Alberto Cortez - No soy de aquí, ni soy de allá](
## What coffee am I brewing?
* [Hardlines - Hard For You Blend](
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* [Hasbean - Phil-ter](
* [Coffee by Tate - Peru Toro de Oro](
* [Inside Job Coffee - Colombia La Batea](
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