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********** Presenters' selections
colombene & Clayton
3:18 PM using backdrop CMS - a fork of Drupal, more similar to Wordpress
3:23 PM people have been using Google Docs. is there any free coopeative oriented online free spreadsheet?
3:25 PM Backdrop?
Keegan Rankin
3:25 PM cryptpad and nextcloud
3:26 PM will check those out check this out:, their spreadhsset based databse can be found on the first line
************ Entire chat
[14:59] Welcome to <b>Show and Tell with Agaric</b>!<br /><br />For help on using BigBlueButton see these (short) <a href="" target="_blank" target="_blank"><u>tutorial videos</u></a>.<br /><br />To join the audio bridge click the phone button. Use a headset to avoid causing background noise for others.<br /><br /><br /><br />To call in 1-760-388-9098 pin 38091, one user must be in audio for callers to join<br />
[15:01] mlncn : hello!
[15:03] colombene : I have something too if there's time
[15:03] Keegan Rankin : I'm sure there will be!
[15:07] Clayton : Hi everyone :waves:
[15:07] colombene : hi!
[15:07] Jelkner : Hi all!
[15:12] Keegan Rankin : *snaps* awesome, Stan!
[15:14] Stan : Colombene audio is breaking up, is it just me?
[15:15] Keegan Rankin : just Stan
[15:15] Jelkner : It's clear here
[15:17] Stan : Ok. I turned off cams and hear everyone know.
[15:18] colombene :
[15:18] t : thx
[15:23] t : people have been using Google Docs. is there any free coopeative oriented online free spreadsheet?
[15:24] Stan : nextcloud?
[15:24] t : don't people have to pay first?
[15:25] Clayton : Backdrop?
[15:25] Keegan Rankin : cryptpad and nextcloud
[15:26] t : will check those out check this out:, their spreadhsset based databse can be found on the first line
[15:26] Keegan Rankin : i don't know about cryptpad. But nextcloud is typically self-hosted. For example, you gain access to nextcloud with a MayFirst Membership
[15:27] colombene :
[15:27] t : OK, so that makes Next Cloud unaccessible to almost every activist i know.
[15:27] colombene : yes, we were using nextcloud through a paid mayfirst account
[15:27] t : i have to sign off to chat to go to a different machine, so only available on phone. sorry
[15:30] Clayton : The birds sound like they want to share :)
[15:31] Stan : Keeg, I just made you presenter :)
[15:37] colombene : This site idea is so exciting! great start
[15:37] Stan : Keeg, will you share the link?
[15:39] Nurul -listen/chat only : to clarify: is this a prptotype for the planned tech worker coop directory, or is this just a proof of tech concept?
[15:44] Clayton :
[15:45] Nurul -listen/chat only : thanks
[15:47] Keegan Rankin : is anyone else having problems with vid or just me?
[15:48] Keegan Rankin : as much as I wanna hear zuck say "and we do not sell data to advertisers" over an over
[15:48] Keegan Rankin : maybe someone else should share the vid
[15:48] colombene : yes, me too
[15:48] Stan : It works here
[15:48] Nurul -listen/chat only : vid problems resetting
[15:48] Keegan Rankin : lol stan let me share it
[15:48] mlncn : hi Chuck! we missed you also!
[15:48] Stan :
[15:49] Stan : I made you presenter
[15:49] Stan : Go ahead
[15:49] Keegan Rankin : let me know if it is still broken
[15:50] Chuck : Works for me
[15:50] Stan : It was paused. working now.
[15:57] Stan : Privacy, Trust, & Data Equity
Submit suggestions and feedback at
[15:58] Stan : Project management, pull requests, and wiki on
[15:58] Stan : Movie suggestions form at
use the /upcoming/ page now, separate form coming
[15:58] Stan : Email me: (email)
[15:59] Stan : Public materials and wiki at
[16:02] Keegan Rankin : THEY KNOW!
[16:02] Keegan Rankin : (youtube)
[16:03] colombene : thanks!!
[16:03] Chuck : Great! Thanks
[16:03] colombene : yes, needs more info or slower - but great info
[16:08] Chuck : Thank you
About the workshop
- Weekly meetings, 1 hour long
- Multi-format (movie+discussion, lecture/presentation, hands-on hacking, etc.)
- Feeding on your suggestions and feedback :)
- Subject to availability of topics, materials, and presenters
- Stan will be running first movie shows and presentations; coordinating future activity
- Calling for additional presenters to cover sheer scope and complexity of the subject
(e.g. I can't explain iPhone's privacy settings, though they may be useful to audience)
- Submit your movie link and description or presentation plan via form on site or email
- Practical (take out one or more actionable ideas from each meeting)
- Usable by individuals and cooperators
- Balanced (apply common sense and care for the audience)
- Project management, pull requests, and wiki on <>
- Suggestions form at (use the /upcoming/ page now, separate form TBD)
- Email
- BBB room and resource page at (TBD)
- Public materials and wiki on <>
* Extras
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