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      roles/social-coop/ - a working isolated installation · c62d2689
      Nick Stokoe authored
      This adds an nginx container. This allows the proxying to work without
      manual configuration, since the web and streaming containers IPs will
      resolve correctly from their names within docker containers, but not
      from without.
      Nominally works, in that a working copy of social coop can be accessed
      on the browser.  However, seems to "federate" in that a list of
      federated posts appear on the log in page, not certain how this
      works.  The web, streaming and sidekiq containers are all isolated and
      so shouldn't be able to access this, possibly the front end can?
      A database dump can then be imported like this on the host:
          scp -C $DUMP_URL dump.sql.gz
      Copying takes about 5 minutes, and importing takes about 20 mins wi a
      6GB database dump
          apt install pv postgresql-client
          docker-compose down
          docker-compose up -d db
          psql -U postgres -h localhost -c 'drop database "mastodon-live"'
          pv dump.sql.gz | gzip -dc | psql -U postgres -h localhost
          docker-compose up -d
      `pv` simply shows progress.
      The database can then be test-upgraded as per Mastodon instructions.
      Note, when testing an empty database, creating an account needs to use
      a resolvable domain for the email, so try this (in the web container):
      RAILS_ENV=production bin/tootctl accounts create admin  --email admin@web --confirmed --role admin
      Probably needs more work for setting up a real server; email, a let's
      encrypt SSL, etc. are things which are not set up.
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      Merge branch 'logcheck-custom' · bc0d0799
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      * logcheck-custom:
        roles/logcheck-custom/test/test.sh - a very simple test script
        server.playbook.yml - invoke logcheck-custom role
        roles/logcheck-custom/ - add custom logcheck exclusions
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