Commit b28748f8 authored by Chris Croome's avatar Chris Croome

process_ plugins added

parent aeccd026
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......@@ -6,6 +6,7 @@
# The following two defaults are for a [WSH](
# Debian Buster server.
munin_process: apache2 php mysqld
munin_multips_processes: apache2 php mysqld
munin_multips_memory_processes: apache2 php-fpm7.3 mysqld
......@@ -133,4 +134,8 @@ munin_plugins_enabled:
file: mysql_
- name: mysql_tmp_tables
file: mysql_
- name: process_count
dir: /usr/local/src/munin_contrib/plugins/cpu
- name: process_cpushare
dir: /usr/local/src/munin_contrib/plugins/cpu
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