Commit 3a27ea4c authored by Chris Croome's avatar Chris Croome

typo fixed

parent 4ffc23ca
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......@@ -25,9 +25,10 @@ else
echo "" >> /home/${MYSQL_USER}/.my.cnf
echo "[client]" >> /home/${MYSQL_USER}/.my.cnf
echo "user=\"${MYSQL_USER}\"" >> /home/${MYSQL_USER}/.my.cnf
echo "password=\"${MYSQL_PASSWORD}\"" >> /home/${MYSQL_USER}/.my.cnf
echo "password=\"${MYSQL_PASSWD}\"" >> /home/${MYSQL_USER}/.my.cnf
chown ${MYSQL_USER}:${MYSQL_USER} /home/${MYSQL_USER}/.my.cnf
chmod 600 /home/${MYSQL_USER}/.my.cnf
echo "Generated /home/${MYSQL_USER}/.my.cnf"
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