Commit 1be94f46 authored by wu-lee's avatar wu-lee

metalsmith.js / theme - add a sitemap index

parent 5be63a63
......@@ -142,12 +142,19 @@ module.exports = () => {
pattern: 'posts/*.md',
sortBy: postCreation,
pages: {
pattern: ['**/*.md','!posts/*.md'],
'posts/index.html': {
collection: 'posts',
layout: 'index.hbs',
'index.html': {
collection: 'pages',
layout: 'sitemap.hbs',
{{#> default}}
<div id="post-index" class="container">
<ol class="post-list">
{{#each pages}}
<li class="post-stub {{post_class}}" >
<a class="js-ajax-link" title="{{title}}" href="{{url}}">
<h5 class="post-stub-title">{{longtitle}}</h4>
(<time class="page-stub-date" datetime="{{date git.last.authored format='x'}}">modified {{date git.first.authored format="MMMM Do YYYY"}}</time>)
<div class="post-navigation">
\ No newline at end of file
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