Git hosting for Co-operators

Welcome to the Webarchitects Co-operative GitLab server, feel free to browse the public git repos on this server.

We are offering accounts on to all members of our co-operative, you can join our coop as an individual or as an organisation, by agreeing to our rules, which are based on the ICA Co-operative Principles, and sending a completed copy of this PDF to If you join as an organisation we will whitelist your domain so all your members can register accounts, if you join as an individual we will create a email alias for you to use to register an account here.

Organisations who join our co-op are welcome to have a group on and use public and private repos, issue trackers and wikis as they need them. The suggested minimum number of shares for an individual to buy is £10 worth and for an organisation, £100 worth.

We strongly encourage the use of a GPL-Compatible Free Software License for public software projects, see the Webarchitects page on Free software.

Git hosting for Co-operators
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