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  • 1.3.1
    Release 1.3.1

    Updated to only include the main users.yml file when the users dictionary is defined.

  • 1.3.0
    bddbe3e8 · Comments updated ·
    Release 1.3.0

    This release includes:

    • Support for installing Moodle using Moosh, however the Moodle role is fairly basic, there is no support for things like upgrades or plugins
    • The users_update_check variable has been removed and replaced with using `users_update_strategy: check"
    • Two new users_update_strategy options have been added phpfpm and apache for updating just the PHP-FPM or Apache config for all users present
    • All tags apart from users have been removed
    • PHP-FPM request_terminate_timeout for users pools is not longer hard coded to 60 and now defaults to 360 via the users_phpfpm_request_terminate_timeout variable
    • The check that usernames are between 2 and 14 ascii letters, numbers and dashes has been moved so it runs before the username is use to create files
    • PHP-FPM users log rotation ownership resulting in logs that were root:root and could be updated by users has been fixed
  • 1.2.3   Allow 8 char db prefix for WordPress
    Release 1.2.3

    Allow upto 8, rather than 6, characters to be used for a db prefix for WordPress.

  • 1.2.2   Matomo check fixed
    5f9fb105 · typo fixed ·
    Release 1.2.2

    Matomo check fixed

  • 1.2.1   Matomo check fixed
    f02e83c5 · typo fixed ·
    Release 1.2.1

    Matomo check fixed

  • 1.2.0   Install bsd-mailx
    Release 1.2.0

    The bsd-mailx package is needed to provide the destination for the /usr/bin/mail symlink for sending the results of the chroot'ed users cron jobs out

  • 1.1.1   Ansible Users Role 1.1.1
    Release 1.1.1

    This release adds one variable:

    users_ssh_authorized_keys_file_name: authorized_key

    This is for use on servers where the ~/authorized_key file is managed by Puppet and we want to write keys to ~/authorized_keys2.

  • 1.1.0   Ansible Users Role 1.1.0
    Release 1.1.0

    Updates in the release:

    • Minimum Ansible version required increased to 2.8
    • Nextcloud, building the trusted hosts array simplified with removal of support for ONLYOFFICE Docker (support for stand alone ONLYOFFICE servers has been added)
    • Restarting PHP-FPM on servers without chroots after a user has been removed and added back fixed, see #50
    • Support for setting the PHP-FPM log_level via users_phpfpm_log_level has been added
  • 1.0.0   User Ansible Role version 1.0.0
    Release 1.0.0

    This role has been in production use for a while and from now on the plan is to do development on the master branch (other branches might be created for radical changes and experiments) and to use git tags, using semantic versioning, for releases (rather than branches) for production servers.

    Changes, compared to the to the v0.9.3 branch:

    • Molecule lint tests updated
    • Support for the ONLYOFFICE Docker role removed and support for the ONLYOFFICE Document Server role added
    • Support for updating Matomo though the use of matomo_version and matomo_autoupdate has been added
    • Support for users_hourly_scripts has been added
    • Fixes for configuring servers without chroots
    • The wordpress_url_domain variable has been fixed
    • Support for an optional Apache users_apache_include_optional array has been added