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Welcome to Social.coop's public wiki! This domain is where we keep general public information, guides and references to other resources.


Social.coop is is an experiment in user-controlled social media. It is a community hub for people interested in co-ops and development of free/libre social media - these define the common core field of discussion, though they are far from the only things discussed.

We primarily run a Mastodon social media server: one node in the Fediverse, a federated network of social media applications which communicate using the Activity Pub and OStatus protocols.


What distinguishes us from most other social media there is that we are both funded and governed by our members: we are a co-operative. The organisation and running of the site is accountable to its members, and not only will we not be monetising our users by selling their data to third parties, but they decide what we do.


Besides here at http://wiki.social.coop, you can find us at the following places:

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